We've got catering options ranging from 40 to 4,000 guests.

Dining & Catering

Bojangles Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium are committed to the success of your event. The full-service, in-house Catering department offers a variety of tantalizing menu options, including everything from a simple coffee break to an elegant dinner. Special themed menus can also be developed for your event.


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From the staff to the cuisine, a full-service approach extends to every aspect of the dining experience.

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Catering Policies & FAQs

Alcohol Policies

The sale and service of all alcohol in Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium is regulated by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission. It is our responsibility to administer and abide by the following rules:

  • All alcoholic beverages must be dispensed by Bojangles’ Coliseum or Ovens Auditorium employees.
  • All attending guests must be able to produce valid picture identification upon request in accordance with North Carolina ABC laws.
  • Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium staff reserve the right to refuse service to any patron for any reason.
  • No beer, wine or alcohol may be brought into Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium by any person or outside service.
  • Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium may require a uniformed security guard at all functions where alcohol is being served.

A bartender is required on all host and cash bars. As a general rule, one bartender per 100 guests is recommended. There is a three-hour minimum for each bartender at a cost of $100, plus $25 for each additional hour.


All catered functions require a 50% deposit based on the estimated catering cost. The deposit is required at the time of booking or other appropriate date as determined by your Catering Sales Manager. The remaining balance is due with your final guarantee three (3) to five (5) business days prior to your first food function date, or other appropriate date as determined by your Catering Sales Manager.

  • In an effort to conserve resources and reduce waste, our policy is to set rooms and prepare meals only for the actual number guaranteed.
  • All meals are prepared to order for special dietary requirements. Please consult with a Catering Sales Manager for assistance.
Event Day Activities & Catering
  • All items must be ordered 72 hours in advance
  • Limited items will be available day of event for Bojangles' Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium
  • Advanced orders need to be emailed to
Food & Beverage Exclusivity

Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium have exclusive food and beverage rights. Any outside vendors must be approved in writing by the Catering department. Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium reserve the right to adjust menu prices depending on the location of your event within the venues. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Merchandise & Novelties

All programs, novelties, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc. may be sold by the customer during their event. Bojangles’ Entertainment Complex’s Food and Beverage team is available to provide assistance with sales by request.

Tax & Service Charge

All catered functions are subject to a 20% service charge and applicable taxes.